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In the last twelve chapters we have covered the social and historical backgrounds of some of the most influential people of all time. Let us contrast them with others who have brought about great change. The biggest changes in world history were always brought about either by divine or human violence of some kind. The flood was an act of an angry and just God who was punishing the world for their sin. This was an act of supernatural violence. The first sin in the Garden of Eden was an act of betrayal almost akin to child abuse, Adam and Eve as innocent as children were led to death and mortality by Satan in his jealous desire to control the Earth. All the major kingdoms were spawned not through acts of love and assurance and faith, but through acts of violence, war and conquest. From the Egyptians to the Babylonians of old and on into our own century, it is through acts of violence that we achieve. The amount of violence done today and throughout the centuries in the name of furthering or purifying the true faith is rather depressing or just an insight to what kind of men we really are. In contrast, unlike any other movement of faith since the beginning of time, Christianity spread on the foundation of "Love your Enemies and pray for them that despitefully use you." Twelve men in the space of 6 decades covered the entire known world with the Gospel. Christian Churches were visible from the borders of China all the way to the shores of England; from the north of Russia all the way to the far reaches of Africa. The written word took shape and a whole New Testament of Jesus Christ was copied and presented in several different languages. This movement cannot be compared with the Islamic movement which even to this day relies on violence and death to promote its growth. There can be only one answer as to why these twelve ordinary men were so successful: They were Inspired, led and guided by the one true God and the Holy Spirit which for the first time, dwelt in man, not just upon him. These men lived up to the words of Jesus when he told them that they would "do greater things"

These were the Sandals in the Dust that changed the whole world. These are the men that we as Americans owe our God Given freedom and faith. If you have a home in Heaven today, you owe it to the men and women who walked the dusty trail that leads us to Heaven. Our Churches, our Bible, our traditions and our doctrine of worship are all due to the work of these simple men. We have all heard of the footprints in the sand, but I say that these men made tracks in the dust and we can follow them. Jesus said that we must work while there is still light. The light is now fading and the night is coming, but hopefully I have shed a little light on the trail of these Men who walked so long ago.

Footprints Fade Quickly in the Dust, We must follow while there is still Light







There are many people I would like to thank for the information in this book. Unfortunately, most of them have been dead for more than 500 years. All of the pictures used in this book are mine from family art or from my camera. I would like to Thank Peter and Kaye whose friendship and contributions made this book possible. I would like to thank Pastor Tony Long and my Church family for supporting me with their prayers and encouragement. I thank my wife and children who put up with this annoying and sometimes boring hobby of mine. Finally I want to thank my Mother who let me buy the book with a picture of the Apostles using my birthday money almost 40 years ago. We were poor and I think she would have liked me to purchase new clothes or shoes. Two years later when sick with a fever I told her I saw 12 men following a Man all in white and that they wanted me to follow. My Mother prayed and asked God to heal me and told Him that she would help me follow God if I wanted to. I have followed Jesus and the twelve Apostles all of my life. I can't seem to catch up with them yet, but Mom and Dad, thanks to you I am still following.

This is not the End...